Global Direct Democracy of Entrepreneurs
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Alex Napoli (founder-coordinator)
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Twitter: @globolsa
skype: AlexNapoli2000
Globolsa, Direct Global Exchange, Global Direct Democracy of Entrepreneurs (GDDE) to create and administrate organizations under the universal right to freedom of expression, initiative, organization and competition. Global Holding Enterprises buy/sell shares directly from/to Active Investors. Created on Globocean, Global Ocean Aerospace Federation, in economic international waters, land and aerospace, with zero taxation, legislation and labor (www.globocean.org). Financial and operational assets are expressed in shares negotiable at book value receiving monthly dividends from 100% of profits distributed. Intellectual Investors in 3-6 hour shifts, 24 hours, 7 days a week, with functional intellectual capital expressed in non-negotiable shares, passed on to functional substitutes, with income in monthly dividends from 100% profit distribution.
Alex Napoli (Alexandre Napoli Costa):

-CEO/CTO (Sandaero - Santos Dumont Aerosystems / www.sandaero.com )
-President (Globocean - Global Ocean Aerospace Federation / www.globocean.org )
-Founder / Coordinator (UNIG - Global Incubator Universities / www.unig.org )
-Founder / Coordinator (Globolsa - Global Direct Exchange / www.globolsa.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Mesistem - Global Mobile Medical System / www.mesistem.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Jusistem - Global Mobile Judicial System / www.jusistem.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (MicroMultiFlex - Modular Infrastucture / www.MicroMultiFlex.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Universe Materials Recyclable, Renewable and New Materials / www.UniverseMaterials.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Direct Democracy United Nations - Movement, Party, Government and Enterprises / www.ddun.org )
-Founder / Coordinator (Direct Democracy Brazil - Movement, Party, Government and Enterprises / www.DemocraciaDireta.org )
-Founder / Coordinator (Turisistem - Tourism and Real Estate Development / www.turisistem.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Praia Surf Club - Real Virtual Network / www.PraiaSurfClub.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (FuteArte - Arena-Shopping, Reality-Show and Football-Club / www.FuteArte.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Scriptsurfer Entertainment - Free Sponsored Entertainment / www.scriptsurfer.com )
-Writer-director-producer (Scriptsurfer Entertainment / www.scriptsurfer.com )
(9 Feature Film Scripts, 4 Novels, 5 Stories, 8 Reality Shows, 9 Concepts written and counting)
-Doctor in Art, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UNIG, Global Incubator Universities, Innovative Start-up Areas: Aerospace, Energy, Communication, Navigation, Construction, Sanitation, Health, Justice, Government, Finance, Education, Real Estate, Entertainment, Tourism and Sport)
(Thesis 1: Multicopter-Rocket Aerospaceship and Energy, Communication, Navigation, Defense Global Laser Network - www.sandaero.com),
(Thesis 2: Atomic-Cosmic Quantum System and Universal Quantum Network at Faster-Than-Light Gravitonic Speed- www.sandaero.com)
(Thesis 3: Permanent Life Paradigm, Protocol and Products: Permanent Life Module, Exosuit/SuperSkin and Microlab/SuperCell - www.mesistem.com)
(Thesis 4: Judicial System with Proof of Damage, Premeditation and Danger to Obtain Restitution, Fine and Home Arrest- www.jusistem.com)
(Thesis 5: Government and Economy without Poverty, Taxation, Laws and Labor - www.globocean.org / www.globolsa.com)
-Master in Economics (UFRJ, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
(Industrial and Technological Economics / Institutional Post-Keynesian Economics )
(Thesis: Post-Keynesian Institutional Economic Analysis: Spending Decision Strategies and Systems - www.unig.org) (Oral Defense Pending)
-Bachelor in Economics (UFMG, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
(Monograph - Foreign Enterprises and the National Economy)
-Bachelor in Administration (UFMG, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
(Paid Internship - Mannesmann S/A - Steel Tubes Steelworks)
(Thesis: Business Dynamic Plan: www.unig.org)
-Certificate of the Professional Program in Screenwriting (UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, School of Theater, Film and Television)
(2 feature films written: Time Dimension and Dangerous Sky)
(Thesis: Art and Technique of Scripts: www.unig.org)
-Certificate of Proficiency in English (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
(Administrative Assistance: Lynn and Ron English: www.lynnandron.com)
-Fluent English/Portuguese (American-Brazilian Dual Citizenship / American Mother - Brazilian Father)